Endurance Horse Training, Preparation and Conditioning. We welcome your enquiry regarding having your horse trained for Endurance with us at Pioneer Endurance Training.

The day-to-day training is done right from home and covers undulating land, river crossings and long open flat fields to quiet country dirt roads and just miles and miles of monster hills.  Our property is close to both National Parks and the beach & this allows us to float the horses to different destinations to vary the horses training schedules.

Not only do we train for endurance, but we also firmly believe in having a sound, supple and happy horse as well. Having a balanced and rounded horse is very important and this plays a large part in our training and we strive to be the best riders we can be. All training is done by us…in the saddle…and we don't ‘pony’ the horses in lieu of actual ridden training.

While here with us horses are tended daily regardless of their work status with rugs on/off, grooming and feeding.

Our pastures are improved & are annually fertilised after being rested. The horse’s diets are all individually composed by an expert independent equine nutritionist who take into account regular pasture analysis and specific workloads to gain optimum uptake of nutrients and to have our horses looking and feeling their best.

      Relaxed Horses @ Pioneer Park

We have safe modern fencing utilising 4 strand coated sighter wire with electric fence stand offs, and internal electric fencing. Horses are housed either individually, or with horses with complimentary natures.

Some of our facilities include
  • Indoor stables with day yards
  • Fully enclosed tack room and feed shed
  • Undercover work area / indoor shoeing and clipping bay
  • Wash down pad with hot/cold water and safety rails
  • Treadmill for the wet days
  • Amazing endurance training country
Horses in work are continually evaluated and re assessed on how they are coping and training is adjusted accordingly. Each horse is treated as they should be…as an individual and we have limited training places so that we can dedicate time to each horse as they deserve.

Spacious, safe paddocks              

For a quote to have your horse trained please contact us by either email or by phoning 0447 583 096.

Prices start from $120 per week. 


Stable Complex

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